Let's Try This Again / by Myan Duong

Hello 2014. Are you here already? Shit.

2013 was such a blur I can hardly relish in that existential moment after New Year’s Eve to reflect on life. So if I may - let’s take a breath and show some gratitude for the honor of taking part in another orbit around the sun, no matter how quickly it went by. 

In 2013, I’m grateful for…

a hilarious family

amazing friends

progress and challenges

creative work

unexpected opportunities

new surroundings

rekindled love for old hobbies

the internet ;)

Finally taking the time to sit and spend a moment to simply be, only makes it more apparent how much faster each year is going to get. How hard much harder it’s going to be to remember to be thankful. How quickly we lose sight of the year’s early goals. I feel myself morphing into that old person who talks about how they can’t believe how time flies.

In all honesty, that’s why I’m attempting to start this little blog (after a miserably failed attempt a few years ago). There are too many thoughts in a day that go undocumented and soon, I’ll be 50 and wonder where all my “spark” went - or I just won’t give a fuck. It’s a toss up. Whatever the case, I’m declaring 2014 as another year full of action and creative exploration… for me… for you… for all the days that I’ll be tempted to nap away. 

Wish me luck. Cheers to another orbit.