A few things to do... / by Myan Duong

To Do.jpg

I'm never opposed to a good resolution each year, but after years of falling flat in month 3, I've decided for myself not to make too much of them each Jan. 1. I think going for a few small tasks suits me much better. 

These are my tasks this year:

1 ----- Fill my time with more beautiful things. Good movies/exhibits/books/talks/people. My previous post about forgetting what things I love still resonates with me and I miss identifying with things that inspire me. I'm excited to discover some new loves.

2 ----- Learn more about Vietnamese history. It's embarrassing how little I know. I want to change that. 

3 ----- Cook recipes out of my cookbooks. I've been gifted so many great ones and they're collecting dust. Such a shame.

4 ----- Less time behind a screen and read the books in my house (and not letting myself buy new ones until I do). Y'all know my undying love for the interwebs. I'm always connected... but like I said before, having access to too much is almost less inspiring than a really focused connection with a few things. 

5 ----- Start our landscaping project (because if we don't, our yard will continue to look like Jumanji). I'm obsessed with all parts of our house, but this will be a big project that I know we'll be happy we took on. 

6 ---- Designing more things for me. I've walked away from my own work for so long that I don't know who I am anymore - hence the sudden surge in blogging. I miss making things for soul.

7 ---- Spend more quality time with my hubs. We're together all the time, but I know I need to work on being focused on him and making sure he knows how much I love being with him. 


It's not a long list, but a solid one for me. Each of these areas of focus will help me feel like me again and I'm looking forward to it. Here's to a more fulfilling 2018.