An Apology to Houston / by Myan Duong


Lots of people have been writing their love letters to Houston after the devastation that is Harvey (this one and this one are just lovely). Anyone who knows me doesn't need a letter to know that I'll cut you if you talk bad about my hometown. So it goes without saying what an incredible place it has in my heart.

What I will do is apologize to Houston on behalf of all of us that needed such a numbingly sad circumstance to point out all the beautiful things about you. How you have cradled generations of immigrants and their children with such a warm welcome and limitless opportunity. The way you kept so many of us from feeling the real cold of the recession - graduating without a clue of what to do and where to go. How you can hold many so newcomers and let them truly experience the American dream; to be able to buy houses, raise families, maintain a decent job. I'm sorry we had to see all our favorite restaurants and dives underwater to fully express how much color and joy they bring to our lives. 

I'm grateful that you were wise enough not to repeat Katrina, risking so many lives in an impossible situation. We all really feel like you did your best. And now, as the water starts to find its way out, we'll truly begin to see your character. When the adrenaline drains from our bodies and the real work starts. I hope that you know you set the bar very high. That devastation only resembled compassion and determination when lobbed at you. (I'm also sorry I couldn't be closer to console you). You weren't bitter when your (or rather "the") President couldn't bother himself to actually come into the city at the height of your pain. And when he did come, you still welcomed him and thanked him. Way to take the high road.

I'll take this experience with me. And when I feel at the brink of some trivial breakdown, I'll try to remember how you handled yourself and draw from it as best I can. We are here for you, Houston. Thank you for showing us what real strength can look like. 

#houstonstrong #texasforever