As cliche as it is to state, I can't believe how fast this year flew by... mostly because that means we've been married for a whole year! We did it! *Whew*

I look back on the day itself and wish I could've just slowed time down or frozen it (you're lucky, Zach Morris) so that I could stop and admire all of the amazing people who came together to celebrate, all the details that we set up, the happy glow in my husband's eyes. It really was one of the absolute best days of our lives and feel so fortunate that we got to plan it just the way we dreamed it would be with the help of so many gracious people. 

Post wedding, the first year certainly wasn't the hardest, but it wasn't all cake and sunshine either. We learned that as you start shift your focus and plans, you really need to work hard to build a life that make you both happy - even after ten years together, that's a challenge. Being married somehow amplifies all that. I am so grateful for the partner that I chose and that he chose me back.

This year we went on trips, got new jobs, had new arguments, made new inside jokes, laughed, cried, and get this... we bought a mother fuckin' house! That's right, mom and dad! Your kids are badass adults (kinda). We are so stoked about the new chapter and the chance to bear witness to each other as we grow. My husband's pretty great (and I don't think I'm even a little biased). I think he likes me, too. 

Happy Anniversary, love. You da best. #aljetsnoduongs