IT's like Ryan with an "m"

Myan Duong is a designer and team lead born in St. Cloud, Minnesota and raised in the rough streets of Houston, Texas. She now lives her super awesome, responsible adult life in Austin, Texas. (She's also a little sarcastic). While she works as an associate experience director for a digital solutions agency, she enjoys dreaming up and creating things of all sorts. She hustles on the side as a purveyor of handmade jewelry and a Pinterest Influencer. Her best self is found bringing crazy thoughts and big ideas to life in visual or physical form. 

She believes in: strong cocktails, well-crafted objects, handwritten notes, a good pair of power pants, Jean-Pierre Jeunet, daytime napping on Sundays, film photography, the magic of Freddie Mercury, Popeye's fried chicken and bold red lips. 


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